Rokid Unveils Rokid Vision 2 with New Hardware Design and New Applications

January 15, 2021 — MR/AR startup Rokid has officially unveiled its latest binocular MR glasses, Rokid Vision 2, at the Rokid Open Day 2021 online event hosted at its headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

Rokid Vision 2 extends existing user interfaces (including phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and tablets) and is compatible with 4G and 5G networks. Combined with AR and AI capabilities, Vision 2 integrates MR with the real world to improve productivity and provide immersive experiences for users. It continues to gain adoption in cultural tourism, exhibition/museums, medical, industrial, and many other industries.

Rokid Vision 2 Hardware Features

Rokid Vision 2 is lightweight and can be folded like an ordinary pair of glasses. The display uses the world’s leading diffractive optical waveguide technology with a light transmittance of 85% and 40° field of view (FoV), equivalent to viewing a 120-inch TV that is 4 meters away. The dual directional speakers create a top-quality immersive experience for users. Furthermore, the hands-free voice control interface with dual microphones can accurately detect voice commands in any environment.

Through producing the Vision series, Rokid has concluded several standards for MR hardware products. Du Hui, Head of the Hardware Department at Rokid, shares that the standards are: high optical transmittance, large unobstructed FoV, ultra-long exit pupil distance, multi-platform accessibility, multimodal interaction and multi-external perception capability.

Software Updates and New Applications

Rokid Vision 2 is equipped with brand new self-developed applications that support spatial interaction such as Fantasy World, Holographic Cinema, and Virtual City.

Fantasy World: A 360-degree immersive space created using stereo rendering technology natural multimodal interaction (voice, head control, and gestures).

Holographic Cinema: Using multimodal interactive technology, real-time navigation, and multimedia engine to create an immersive 4D IMAX theater-like experience, including 2D, 3D, and 360 panoramic videos.

Virtual City: Adopts 6DoF SLAM, voice, and other technologies based on a single RGB camera, in which users are allowed to move freely around the virtual space.

In the past year, Rokid XR software system also ushered new developments. Rokid released SXR SDK, providing technologies and services such as multimodal interaction, stereo rendering, visual engine, and multimedia engine, which developers could work with on Android and Unity. Currently, Rokid XR software system supports several mainstream hardware platforms, including HiSilcon, Amlogic, Qualcomm, etc. In the future, Rokid plans to support its software on more hardware devices to build an XR ecosystem with partners and developers.

Rokid Plans to Target Broader Market

“Rokid is not only a company that creates products but also an interactive platform that integrates human, virtual and real worlds,” says Mingming Zhu, The Founder and CEO of Rokid. “XR is the next-generation platform that can perfectly integrate human-computer interaction through voice, vision, and display. It completely changes the ways we work, live, learn, and entertain. Rokid will continue to enable partners through innovative user interfaces and advanced products to reach more industries and consumers, ultimately reaching our mission to ‘Leave Nobody Behind’.”

Rokid will continue to create innovative products that can achieve the most natural user interfaces for broader markets. The Vision series is only an exploration, not the result. Rokid will continue to explore, whether it is in the form of AR glasses or another form in the future, until the release of a more acceptable product for the public to use.

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