Promoting Car Sales Under the Pandemic: Audi Introduces AR Personal Shopping Service using Rokid Glass 2

The automotive industry has been particularly hit hard by COVID-19, with dealership stores completely shut down or scaled back in operations. An increasing number of places have begun using digital solutions to recover from the loss, finding ways to increase efficiency and lower costs, all while practicing social distancing.

Renowned automotive brands Audi and Cupra, together with Hangzhou AR startup Rokid, introduces personal shopping AR solutions that revolutionize the automotive industry’s sales and services.

Sales consultant can now showcase cars to customers remotely through Rokid’s newest monocular AR glasses, Rokid Glass 2. Customers can see every detail of the vehicle in the first-person view through their phones, tablets, or computers in real-time from the comfort of their homes while enjoying the same service and experience as if they were inside the store. Sales consultants could take additional photos and videos with the glasses throughout the consultation and email them to customers afterward.

Furthermore, local technicians can also troubleshoot and repair vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively by connecting to experts anytime and anywhere through Rokid Glass 2. Experts from abroad can see in the first-person view what the technician sees, and screenshoot, annotate, share documents from their desktops or phones to the glasses.

Rokid Glass 2 is equipped with a lightweight design, high-resolution display, and superior performance for various tasks. The hands-free voice-operated interface can accurately detect voice commands up to 85 decibels in the industrial working environment. Rokid Glass 2 was officially mass-produced in May 2020 and is now sold to nearly 50 countries and regions worldwide.

The AR personal shopping supported by Rokid is now widely adopted by renowned car brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, VMW, and Porsche. This technology allows customers to see, “touch,” and “feel” the car remotely. This will become a new trend for the automotive industry’s sales and services.

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