January 15, 2021 — MR/AR startup Rokid has officially unveiled its latest binocular MR glasses, Rokid Vision 2, at the Rokid Open Day 2021 online event hosted at its headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

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Rokid Vision 2 extends existing user interfaces (including phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and tablets) and is compatible with 4G and 5G networks. Combined with AR and AI capabilities, Vision 2 integrates MR with the real world to improve productivity and provide immersive experiences for users. It continues to gain adoption in cultural tourism, exhibition/museums, medical, industrial, and many other industries.

Rokid Vision 2 Hardware Features

The automotive industry has been particularly hit hard by COVID-19, with dealership stores completely shut down or scaled back in operations. An increasing number of places have begun using digital solutions to recover from the loss, finding ways to increase efficiency and lower costs, all while practicing social distancing.

Renowned automotive brands Audi and Cupra, together with Hangzhou AR startup Rokid, introduces personal shopping AR solutions that revolutionize the automotive industry’s sales and services.

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Sales consultant can now showcase cars to customers remotely through Rokid’s newest monocular AR glasses, Rokid Glass 2. Customers can see every detail of the vehicle in the first-person view through their phones, tablets, or computers in real-time from the comfort of their homes while enjoying the same service and experience as if they were inside the store. …

For the holidays, we’ve prepared a special video…

The playful Santa Claus, snowman with scarf, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and the dancing Christmas trees — these are all part of children’s imagination and dream for what the holidays should look like.

Rokid was able to let their imagination and dream come true through AR glasses.

A heart-warming Christmas gift from Rokider’s thoughtful children.

AR startup Rokid and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) recently launched a brand new 5G explosion-proof AR headband called X-Craft to promote the digital transformation for the oil and gas industry. The headband has an all-new innovative design and AR solutions that can safely increase frontline workers’ productivity at high-risk zones through the remote collaboration system.

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The headband is compatible with standard helmets; it has a removable buckle designed to expand or contract according to the size of different helmets. The binocular AR display in front of the headband can be easily flipped up to exit out of the mixed reality. The display has 40° large fields of view, with waveguide optics technology that enables a superior see-through display and high contrast ratio. The light transmittance is more than 80%, and the shading lens allows the wearer to see content in different environments and lighting. The large physical knobs and buttons enable the wearer to easily press or turn the knob even with gloves on. …

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Due to the pandemic this year, there is limited seating for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship tournaments and opening ceremony for the finals in Shanghai, China. For the first time ever, fans can use augmented reality (AR) glasses to celebrate the Worlds, using AR technology to experience the same sensations as though they are at the live-events to cheer for their favorite teams.

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Liangzhu Museum

Visitors will be able to use Rokid Glass 2 for a unique AR + AI experience at the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City in Hangzhou starting in October. Instead of presenting a passive display, visitors can experience a new level of interaction with the Neolithic Liangzhu culture through augmented reality. Visitors are able to participate and make new connections as scenes from the past come to life within the AR glasses.

The Archeological Ruins of Liangzhu City was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 6 2019. Located in the Yangtze River Basin on the south-eastern coast of the country, the archaeological ruins of Liangzhu (about 3300–2300 BCE) reveal an early regional state in Late Neolithic China. The sacred site shows “five thousand years of Chinese civilization” with a total area of 34 square kilometers, equivalent to 4 Forbidden Cities. …

Rokid is an innovative technology company specializing in AR and AI with product expertise across artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, software, hardware, and manufacturing located in Hangzhou, China with an office in San Carlos, California. Rokid was rewarded “The Best Wearable Technologies” and “Tech for a Better World” at CES in 2018. Check out our website for more information.

In January of this year, Rokid announced its newest AR glasses Rokid Glass 2, which finished mass production in June Foldable, monocular AR glasses, Rokid Glass 2 offers a lightweight design, high-resolution display, and superior performance on various tasks. The hands-free voice control interface and robust extensions for use with existing mobile devices make it extremely versatile and help improve working performance in various industries. Rokid Glass 2 continues to gain adoption throughout the industry, logistics, exhibition, healthcare, education, and many other vertical markets. …


Rokid Glass

We are a start-up company that makes AR products in Hangzhou, China. We use cutting edge tech to help businesses perform superior on a variety of tasks.

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